Delicate Thunder started out as the Journal of a dead man. A man who on November 5, 2000 was told he had eighteen months to live. A young seemingly healthy man who was told there was no hope for him. A man who was told that he should go home, get his affairs in order, and wait to die. That is what he was told to do anyway.  


But this was a stubborn man. You might even refer to him as hard headed. He was not one to give up on things so easily. And he was definitely not ready to go into the great unknown without a little kicking and screaming. So what did I do you ask? Oh yes, we are talking about me by the way. Not quite as dead as the doctors predicted, thankfully. Well I did what anyone else would do in this situation. I did some kicking and screaming. I also cried, cursed, got angry, raged at everyone I knew, and finally I sank into a deep depression. I even tried to strike bargains with God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Krishna, all to no avail.


(I am leaving my personal religious views off of this site by the way. I want all people, of all religious beliefs to be able to benefit from my work, without the pressure of feeling like I am trying to convert them to Christianity, and I believe the Lord would want that also. So this site will be completely research based. But if we ever meet face to face, I would love to talk to you about God.)


And then I realized something. I was wasting precious time. So I decided to do something about it. I could at least go down fighting. I am not an MD. But I am a fairly intelligent person. I love science and I spent the majority of my life studying and researching health and medicine. I mean what harm could I do. According to the doctors I was dead already. Besides, I always wanted to be a doctor. Well, now I had my first patient, me. Since my own doctors had all but given up on me it was time to stop whining and do something about it. I refused to die. I had just met the greatest woman in the world. I was finally in love. My adult life was going remarkably well up to this point. I was young and successful. And now I am supposed to just lie down and die. Not likely. So again, what did I do?


Well for starters I spent more tireless hours and more sleepless nights than I care to remember researching Heart Disease and blood disease. I spent all my money (to the point of near personal bankruptcy) on research, experimental drugs, and travel to meet with physicians and scientists across the country. I have argued until I am blue in the face with doctors and scientists who simple mindedly assume that just because someone does not have an MD behind their name, or a PhD in endocrinology or Cardiology, that their idea cannot be a good idea, therefore it should not be given merit. Well, I fought this school of thought. I created my own path, and I found my own cure.


This web site takes you through my life since November 2000, when I was first told I had eighteen months "Before my heart would no longer be able to sustain viable function for my body". I memorized that, it sounded so much nicer than you are going to die within 18 months. It’s as simple as that. This is my written account of all that has occurred to me medically over the past sixteen plus years. This site is being published to allow people suffering from heart disease or any other critical illness to follow our study. To let people know that hope is a strong ally, that when the medical community does not have the answers, there are other avenues to try. Sometimes you have to create your own path. I hope to inspire people to look for cures in areas not previously explored. To promote research in the field of hormone replacement therapy, stem cell research and healthy living incorporating exercise and heart healthy diets instead of a sedentary, hopeless existence.


Doctors and Scientists are seekers of knowledge just as we are. People need to have the courage to search for answers in new places, to go beyond what is accepted, to push the limits of what is possible. That is how problems get solved. That is how miracles happen. What researcher is more motivated than you are? Your sick, your partner is sick, your child is sick. There is no greater motivation than that. Think outside of what is accepted. Know that an answer is out there, waiting to be found. In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities.


People see the heart as the place that holds our eternal souls, the vessel through which love is given and received, the very essence of who we are as a species. This and much more may be true of the heart, a powerful, life sustaining organ, beating as the most Delicate Thunder imaginable within nearly every animal on Earth. A beat that is nearly silent to the naked ear. Yet without its thunderous and ceaseless action, human life could not exist. 


Mankind in all our achievements has never come close to creating as perfect a machine. Yet, as incredible as it is, it is also vulnerable to a vast array of diseases, infections, and attacks from internal and external sources. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, England, Wales, and Canada. 29% of all deaths in these countries occur due to heart disease. At Delicate Thunder we are using new untried methods and technologies to help find a cure for this rampant disease.


I need to state that this is an ongoing study that has had great results. But we have a long way to go. Please note that all the drugs we have used, and are using in our study* are FDA approved. Most of them have not been approved for the treatment of heart disease or blood disease, nor have these drugs ever been used in this combination before. This means among other things that most insurance companies will not cover the cost of this or any other “experimental” therapy like it. Calling the treatment “experimental” gives them a loophole to not pay for the treatment. And treatments like the one I have developed can be a VERY costly. In fact, I have spent over a half a million dollars of my own money on mine. 


Additionally I need to state that we have only focused on one type of Heart disease, Cardio Myopathy. Specifically Dilated and Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy. Although we believe that people who suffer from other diseases could benefit from this type of therapy we have no proof to date to support this theory. Do not attempt to use this therapy on your own. Seek the guidance of a trained Physician before beginning any medical treatment. If like me, you have problems finding physician’s open minded enough to listen to your “unproven” ideas, you can contact me. I will try to point you in the right direction if I can. I will do whatever I can to help you. 


Lastly, please know that I am not trying to sell you anything. I am not trying to con you out of anything. I don't want your money. If you contact me, I will not have a “miracle cure” to sell you. I do not want anything from you except to try and help you, and maybe give you some hope through my story. Please, please, please, never let anyone tell you that there is no hope. Sometimes hope, and faith are all you have.

* The exception to this is VDJR808. 


"Please, please, please, never let anyone tell you that there is no hope. Sometimes HOPE is all you have."


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